19 Different Ways To Make a Bunny

Spring and Easter mean lots of bunny love.  Here are 19 of our most favorite bunny crafts and foods that will make you hoppy!  Check out these 19 different ways to make a bunny.

19 Different Ways To Make a Bunny

1.  I can just see my littles snuggling up at night to this adorable DIY stuffed bunny.

Bunny 1

2. Dress up your Easter table with bunny napkins that have a treat inside!

Bunny 2

3. Soup is our jam, and why would you serve it in anything other than a bunny bread bowl?

Bunny 3

4. I loved that my grandma had these cute little hand towel bunnies.  She always put a little treat inside.

Bunny 4

5. Easy eraser-stamped bunny shirt for your Easter egg hunt!

Bunny 5

6. Cute bunny envelope

Bunny 6

7. Turn an egg carton into a bunny.

Bunny 7

8. Bunny hand puppets

Bunny 8

9. Oh, yum.  Bunny macaroons

Bunny 9

10. Easter Bunny gift jars and printable labels

Bunny 10

11. Sleepy bunny goodie bags

Bunny 11

12. DIY bunny pillows

Bunny 12

13. For your hoppin’ party!  Bunny party hats

Bunny 13

14. Cutest Easter bunny banner with cotton ball tails!

Bunny 14

15. Handprint bunny craft

Bunny 15

16. Photo bunny with baby feet

Bunny 16

17. Easter Bunny pancakes!

Bunny 17

18. Two of my favorite things combined: pancake peeps!

Bunny 18

19. I cannot wait to make these cinnamon sugar bunny twists.

Bunny 19


Watcha waiting for?  Hop to it:)


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