4 Ways to Renovate and Modernise Your Brick House

If you have a brick house that’s looking a little outdated, there are ways to make it look fresh — both inside and out.

From some easy indoor updates to nips and tucks that will transform street appeal, here are some top tips to modernise your old brick house.

1. Cover it up

Brick can be a classic look, however, sometimes it puts a less than desirable time stamp on your home. Thankfully, there’s a few options to bring it up to date.

“Rendering and cladding exteriors can freshen up and modernise the look of a home from the outside if your home’s bricks aren’t helping with your street appeal,” home stylist Darren Palmer explains.

“There are a myriad of options when it comes to cladding the exterior of your house — the right selection is the one that suits the mood and style you’re creating.”

Cladding is a popular way to modernise an older home. Picture: realestate.com.au/buy

When it comes to sprucing up your interiors, Darren adds there are a lot of solutions, not just paint.

“When it comes to interior modernisation, there’s a lot to be said for disguising or cladding brick textures that might otherwise create a heavy or dark feeling,” he says. “VJ (vertical joint) panels, plasterboard, timber cladding or even render can be a smart solution to freshen up your home’s brick interiors.

“Painted brick can be a fairly straightforward DIY solution too, if you prepare and seal your walls property, then paint them using a spray gun.”

2. Renovate your flooring

“Flooring is one of the best ways to transform a home whilst also allowing for a change in the mood and style,” Darren explains.

It’s time to rethink vinyl! Picture: Carpet Court

It can lift a space, create consistency and allow for the development of a more sophisticated and consistent style theme throughout.

“When I purchased my own home it had three different types and colours of timber flooring,” Darren explains. “The simple inclusion of the same grey vinyl planks on both levels, with a painted staircase in between, allowed unity to occur across the entire floor plan.”

3. Create light (even when there isn’t any)

If you’re renovating to sell, creating a bright space is essential. If your old brick home has small or poorly placed windows, consider ways you can make your interiors appear lighter and airier.

You may want to switch up your window coverings, or you could look to your flooring and paint options.

Herringbone flooring can be an interesting feature in your home. Picture: Carpet Court

“I think what you need to do with those old brick homes is inject as much light into them as possible,” Carpet Court Flooring Merchandise Manager, Loreta Sgarioto, says.

“I would recommend keeping to lighter flooring tones and looking at European oak looks.

“European oaks are very much on trend at the moment and that will help you achieve a really nice, light, neutral base, from which you can play with paint colour, furnishings, window dressings and so on to add to your look.”

Achieve this look with the GrandOak Herringbone or the Precinct Oak styles.

4. Update window coverings

A key element to modernising a space is through light — and window coverings can make a huge difference.

Window dressings can transform a space without any need for structural changes. Picture: Carpet Court

“Window treatments can also be used to fool the eye into thinking that windows or openings are larger than they are in reality, simply by covering the side or top edges,” Darren says.

He suggests hanging VeriShades® or vertical blinds wider than your window’s frame.

“This simple trick allows your mind to fill in the parts that it can’t see, allowing it to imagine a larger opening behind the window treatments. This can also help to manage oddly proportioned or strangely located windows and doors.”

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