7 Tips to Make Your Reno Winter-Proof

With the cold weather having well and truly set in, it’s a reminder that renovating is not just about what looks good; it’s also about making a home that’s cosy and comfortable year-round.

Regardless of whether you’re doing a small budget job or overhauling your entire home, here are some tips to make any home winter-proof.

Get the right heating

The number one way to keep your home nice and warm in winter is to have good heating.

When choosing a new or replacement heating system consider the size of your space, your family’s needs, and your budget.

Fujitsu General specialises in providing units suitable for any home.

Its ducted systems or multi systems provide quality comfort through the entire home.

Consider the size of your space when choosing a new or replacement heating system. Picture: Fujitsu

But if you’re focusing on one particular space, then Fujitsu General’s Classic, Lifestyle or Designer range of wall mounted systems could be more suitable.

Keep the cold out

The last thing you want is a draught running through your newly renovated living spaces, so be sure to seal doors and windows carefully.

“It’s one of the simplest things you can do,” says interior designer and renovator Meredith Lee.

“Sealing is not very expensive, but it helps keep the temperature consistent.”

Install good windows

If you’re putting in new windows, it’s worth investing in double glazing.

Double-glazing could pay off dividends in conserving energy and saving you money long-term. Picture: Getty

This will pay off when it comes to your power bill, as these windows efficiently trap heat inside.

Meredith also says to think about window treatments.

“Curtains offer insulation and are much more effective than just plain roller blinds,” she says, explaining that hot air can escape through the slats in blinds, increasing heat loss during the chilly months.

Choose floors for warmth

“Very few people these days are doing tiles because they have that cold feel to it, and there’s a preference for warmer surface finishes like timber flooring,” Meredith shares.

Another option is polished concrete, which can be made “toasty” by installing floor heating.

However, be aware floor heating is very expensive to put in, run and maintain.

Cosy carpet underfoot is a must for bedroom and retreat zones. Picture: realestate.com.au

Put in insulation

Creating a buffer to the outside world, insulation will keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

“It’s one of those easy things to retrofit into your ceiling,” Meredith says.

“It’s less easy in walls, but makes a big difference.”

When choosing what type of insulation to use, pay attention to the material it’s made of and the R-value, which is the measure of an insulation batt’s resistance to heat.

Don’t try to heat large areas

Open-plan living is fantastic for lifestyle, but extensive open areas are a nightmare to keep warm.

So as part of your renovation, find ways to close off areas within the layout design, such as sliding doors.

Open-plan living areas look amazing but can get chilly if you’re not careful. Picture: Getty

“You might not need to heat all the bedrooms during the day, for example,” Meredith shares. Ducted air conditioning allows for the home to be divided into separate areas, or ‘zones’. You can then select which zones have temperature control on or off throughout the day and night.

“This will mean more consistent temperatures in the rooms you choose to keep warm and help make your bills a lot cheaper.”

Think about decor for warmth

Finally, the interior decor of your home will not only liven up your living space, but it can also impact your comfort.

“When it comes to the colour palette, choosing colours that have a warmer tone can help you feel warmer,” Meredith explains.

“Instead of blues, greys and cooler colours, you can change some of your walls or decor to have warmer colours like pinks, terracottas, reds, oranges and golds.”

Adding rugs is another idea, and plenty of fun because the options are endless and varied.

And of course, don’t forget to add plenty of sheepskins and throw rugs into your living spaces to cuddle up with on really cold nights, Meredith adds.

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