Hinkley Point remobilises to over 8,000 workforce – video

Work on the second reactor unit at Hinkley is progressing well with Nigel Cann, delivery director claiming between 20% and 30% efficiencies in the construction process compared to unit 1.

The skyline of the site has changed drastically, with the first reactor building now standing at 34 metres tall.

One more small ring will be lifted into place before the completed steel dome is finally lifted into place later this year.

Plan this year include to advance M&E and HVAC works handing over 300 rooms for fitout works to start at the vast site.

Miles of pipes and cables are being installed across the project, as part of the power station’s electrical fit out.

This summer, 5,000 tonne intake heads will be placed onto the seabed of the Bristol Channel, ready to be connected to the cooling water system.

Trial lift for 5,000t water intake heads placement in the Bristol Channel during the summer

The structures will be lowered into place by two of the largest marine cranes in the world, operating from barges bigger than a football pitch.

The nuclear power station will be vital in helping the UK fight climate change, and in ensuring energy security. It will generate reliable, low-carbon electricity for six million homes and will work alongside wind and solar in place of fossil fuels.

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